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Citrus Black Spot | Citrus Tree Diseases - Save Our Citrus

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Citrus Black Spot is one of the most devastating fungal diseases of citrus worldwide.

Citrus black spot, or Guignardia citricarpa, is a fungal disease characterized by dark, speckled spots or blotches on the rinds of the fruit. As one of the most devastating fungal diseases of citrus worldwide, it causes early fruit drop, reduces crop yield and leaves the highly blemished fruit unsuitable for sale.

While all commercial citrus is at risk for citrus black spot, lemon and late-maturing citrus varieties like Valencia are most vulnerable. The disease is transmitted through spores released from fallen, decomposing citrus leaves.

Citrus black spot is common in subtropical regions of the world with summer rainfall, including numerous countries in Asia, South America, Africa and Australia. It was first detected in the United States in 2010 during a pest survey of Valencia sweet oranges in the Immokalee area of Florida.